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Jugendraum Hunnenringhalle
Ringwallstraße 8
66620 Otzenhausen


Sublind is a thrash metal band from Luxembourg which was founded in late 2005/early 2006 by four teenagers.

After many concerts and a few line-up changes so far, the band is today composed by Luca Tommasi (v), Ken Poire (g), Marc Geiben (g), Roland Flies (b) and Andre Millim (d). Today, Sublind plays a kind of metal which is rare in Luxembourg: thrash metal. Combining fast and thrashy riffs with scratchy growls, the band tries to sound oldschool and unique. The approach to thrash metal is even recognizable in the (partially) corny lyrics and in the bands general attitude.

The live shows are full of energy, in which the band intends to include the audience with their clear-cutted choruses. Sublind has shared all kinds of stages and plays especially in clubs or small metal festivals in Luxembourg and abroad. So far, they already had the opportunity to share bigger stages with bands like Death Angel, Tankard, Warbringer, Satyricon, Dust Bolt, Eyehategod, Alestorm, Carach Angren, and many local heroes.

The greatest influences for the band are especially thrash metal bands from the eighties and nineties.



Cosmogon was founded back in 2011 out of the ashes of the legendary Luxemburgish bands ex-inferis and Abstract Rapture.

Cosmogon is the answer to a strong belief in and a perennial need for pure handmade Rock and Metal where the influences reach from Doom over Punk
to Metal, taking their influences from bands such as Black Sabbath, St. Vitus, Pantera, Mastodon, Entombed, Trap Them, Satyricon and Lamb of God just
to name a few.

The first live show took place on January 28th, 2012 at Kulturfabrik Esch/Alzette for Desdemonias 15th year celebration, which were followed by many
shows in 2012 and 2013..

After a line up change in Spring 2013, when Dani came in as the new bassplayer, Cosmogon is stronger than before and ready to go live on stage and
tear everything up. The same year Cosmogon also played at Sonisphere Festival in Amnville, France.

2014, was an important year for Cosmogon:

– in February/March the band supported MORE THAN A THOUSAND (Por) for two of their release shows in Lisbon and Porto,

– on March 14th, they released their first EP, Chaos Magnum, at lENTREPOT Arlon (Belgium) with fellow bands Scarred (Lux) and Age of Torment (Bel),

– on March 15th, they won the Wacken Metal Battle selection in Luxembourg, which granted them a show at the legendary WACKEN OPEN AIR Metal
Festival. Cosmogon palyed the W.O.A Metal Battle Finals on July 31st,2014.

Cosmogon is also planning more shows in 2014 and beyond to promote their latest EP. They are also working on new material for an upcoming LP which is
planned to being recorded in 2015.



Fünf Musiker, durch die Leidenschaft zur Rockmusik geeint, bereit ihren Mix aus klassischem Hard Rock mit modernen Elementen auf die Welt los zu lassen. Vom treibenden Riffgewitter bis zur Mitsing-Hymne werden alle Facetten des Rocks bedient.

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